Project Management

Applied Control Systems Inc. Project engineer :



Industrial projects today require a multi disciplinary approach using internal and external resources operating as one team. These resources often operate from a decentralized locations.


To manage such projects, a certain level of project management is required to coordinate and supervise the processes, including technical skills.


An excellent ability to communicate, a systematic approach and a punctual follow up with decisive actions whenever required are crucial factors in running these projects to success.


Typical projects often consist of:

·          Compilation of requirements

·          Setup of the project team

·          Build-up of detailed specifications

·          Investigate potential solutions (concept, technology, etc.)

·          Approaching potential suppliers

·          Awarding contracts & coordinate In-house supplies

·          Follow-up & Verifications (design/solutions, planning, cost, performance, etc.)

·          Start-up & Acceptance (incl. legal requirements)

·          Hand over to end-user (incl. documentation, training, etc.)



Typical project tools used are:

·          Specifications (clear demands, measurable outputs, etc.)

·          Planning (e.g. general project planning, resource planning, detailed installation planning and 
 test/performance planning)

·          Budget & Cost follow up (from budget calculation, over placing individual orders and invoicing)

·          Reporting (as well between participants to the project as towards upper management)


Applied Control Systems Inc. disposes of skilled and well trained Project engineers, which are able to manage projects with multi disciplinary approach build upon team work in a variety of processes.


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