Applied Control Systems Inc.  Robotic application engineer :

In today’s flexible production systems, Robotic manipulators become more and more common means, even for small businesses and small batch sizes.

Robot brands and types have significantly increased in the past 10 years, while cost of ownership has fallen.


Today, a robot package for almost any imaginable industrial process exists.

Robots feature a high level of logic control and program possibilities to support even the most complex tasks and interactions with their mounted equipment and environment. 

As a result, the ability to design, take in operation and interact with such systems demand a high level of multi-disciplinary competence.

Applied Control Systems Inc.  Robot programmer :

Robot programmers must dispose of analytical capacities to detect the functional needs to develop out of these efficient and structured program code being for new projects or upgrading of existing installations.

Furthermore, the ability to operate with a variety of application controllers and affinity for the processes (e.g. welding, gluing, handling, etc.) are indispensable.

Cooperation with Simulation specialists during early project phases as well as a close and efficient communication with other site people during commissioning and start up times are furthermore necessary qualifications.

Finally, determination and preserverance are key factors to success. 

Our resources are well trained and have experience with a broad range of Robotic systems (ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman, etc.) and their application controllers.

Applied Control Systems Inc.  RobCAD simulation specialist :

Customers demand an increased product diversity against short introduction times.

Manufacturers demand flexible production means with short or even no stop times required for product change over.

By using virtual design and verification methods & tools, such change over and/or new introductions can be prepared in an optimal way, meaning up front from the start of production date and at reduced costs i.e. no or few prototype tools and parts required. 

The production cell is completely modelled featuring amongst other, the layout, the Robotic manipulators & tools and the product design model.

This simulation model can be used to detect compliancy of the whole system and prepare programs & interactions, and allows each stage of verification to detect and feedback necessary design modifications and re-verify proposed solutions. All of this without the need for physical means.             


Our resources are well trained to perform OLP & simulations in RobCAD and OEM proprietary simulation systems like RobotStudio and RoboGuide.

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