Applied Control Systems Inc.

is a team made up of Master electricians, electricians, technicians with CAD and panel building strengths, as well as programmers with extensive knowledge of Robots, PCs, PLC and PAC hardware and software. Including ABB RobotStudio, Fanuc RoboGuide, Rockwell, Siemens, Omron and many other software packages.

Our goal is to work closely with our customers to produce continuous and affordable control systems for existing or new production machines and Automation.

We have always worked well with a company's current electrical contractors, maintenance employees and staff, we strive not to alienate anyone and are quick to share problem solutions with maintenance staff for their future reference.

Safety is important for everyone and we are dedicated to providing the best in machine and process control to bring equipment and machines into compliance with OSHA and the Ministry of Labour safety standards for their operation and are always up to date with the latest safety hardware, devices and code as well as meeting and exceeding when applicable.

Complete Liability Insurance Coverage

The entire Technical Staff of A.C.S. Inc. regularly attends Technical & Safety Courses

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